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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy multiple licenses?

You can select the quantity of licenses, during checkout, on my Gumroad store.

Do you provide a student discount?

No. Due to both low sales volume and limited resources this is not feasible. However, I aim to keep the price in a reasonable range for the majority of users.

I attempted to install the kit, but cannot see the user interface?

Please check to ensure that you have followed the steps given in the install guide and are using the kit version designed for the version of modo that you're using. If that does not resolve your situation, then please contact me: neil AT

How do you run the tools with materials applied, as shown in your promotional images for the Aech-E kit?

The tools create part names for generated polygons and you can assign material masks to these parts using the included Part Names To Masks and Add Material Groups commands. Modo will then apply these masks/materials to the generated polygons the next time the tool is active, in the same scene.

Do you take commissions for custom tool development?

Yes, but only from studios/companies. Please contact me: neil AT